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    Hero Assistance  (Soldiers' Request Form)

    Dear Hero,
    Please tell us how we can help. Soldiers Angels endeavors to ensure you have every chance for a happy healthy
    life. We know sometimes little ripples of kindness can add up to oceans of greatness. We can't promise to honor
    every request but we will answer each request and will assist you to the best of our ability.
    Soldiers Angels strive to be there as needed.

    Blankets Of Hope
    Angels are needed to sew blankets for the wounded.
    These blankets have brought hope to many of our wounded heroes.
    Please help by joining our sewing circle or donating today!

    Project Valour-It
    (Voice-Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops)
    Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, provides voice-controlled software and laptop
    computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or
    amputations at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded
    heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the 'Net, and communicate with
    buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse.

    They don't look like much!! But wrapped around head, neck and face they really help our soldiers keep the very
    fine, dusty sand out of their eyes and mouths.  You and your friends can get together and sew some too!

    Cool Scarves - This is the HouseWife Mafia current project!!!
    I have heard from many of our deployed troops this week. Every single one of them has the same thing to say
    "IT IS HOT HERE! It is hard to think!". I would like to send a cool scarf to every hero on our list.
    Soldiers Angels can buy and send a cools scarf to a soldier for $5.00!

    So what is a cool scarf?

    The cooling scarf is a great way to beat the heat. The "magic" in these cooling scarves comes from hundreds of
    tiny hidden non-toxic polymer crystals that hold many times their weight in water. By soaking your cooling scarf in
    cool water for 15 minutes, these crystals become "energized" and become a comfortable, portable evaporative
    cooler that can lower body temperature by several degrees!
    So, not only will you FEEL cooler, you will actually BE cooler!

    Operation Out Reach
    The purpose of Operation Outreach is to offer support to military families at home. We have had many requests
    from our Heroes asking for items not for themselves, but for their families at home. Deployment isn't just hard on a
    Hero, it's extraordinarily difficult for their family as well.
    Families worry, and struggle, and sacrifice, and Operation Outreach seeks to say "Thank You" to these unsung
    hometown Heroes. We are working to let our Heroes know that while they protect us over there, we will help look
    out for their families here at home.

    LWT - "Letter Writing Team"
    The LWT is made up of registered Soldiers' Angels who enjoy writing to our heroes and know how important it is
    to hear your name called at mail call (sadly some soldiers get no mail at all from back home). We select names
    from those that submit themselves through the Soldiers' Angel website and have indicated that they would like to
    receive additional support. These soldiers are also assigned an angel to provide ongoing support but our team
    provides them with some extra cards and letters.

    We have had many requests from our soldiers asking for items to help them in their humanitarian missions to
    local towns and villages. Many of these soldiers are parents or have brothers and sisters, and their hearts go out
    to these children who have so much less than many other children.   
    (Say Our Soldiers: Kids In-theater Deserve Support)
    The purpose of Operation SOS: KIDS is to send humanitarian relief through shipments to American soldiers for
    distribution to children in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other areas where our Heroes are deployed.

    Living Legend Tree
    Soldiers' Angels has Honored America's Fallen War Heroes
    by Donating 100 Trees and Wreaths to their Families

    Saving Soles
    Why do soldiers request boots? The military issues each soldier 2 pair of boots and no more. The conditions our
    soldiers are dealing with in Iraq and Afghanistan tends to "eat up" the boots. The sand and heat just destroy them.
    So as you can imagine, our soldiers go through boots pretty fast. Some soldiers are able to purchase extra boots
    while they are home on leave, or their families will send the boots to them. But sometimes our soldiers simply do
    not have the money or opportunity to purchase these boots for themselves.

    "Guardian Angels For Soldier's Pet"

    And like a Ginsu Knife Commercial this lady just keeps on going...........

    Adopt a Soldier
    To adopt a soldier you must commit to sending a card or letter a week and AT LEAST 1 or 2 care packages
    a month, This is important to help bring home a healthy hero, (care packages do not have to be expensive
    and you can put together your own), duration of adoption is usually 6 to 8 mo.

    Submit a Soldier !  Easy online form.

    Donate Air Miles
    Air miles are so important to our mission. Emergencies arise....Our deployed troops need to get back home
    immediately because of a death or serious family illness....A spouse or parent of a wounded service member
    needs to get to the hospital where their loved one has been transported.
    Unfortunately, they do not always have the resources to pay for an airline ticket. Your donation of air miles
    will be instrumental in getting our troops and their loved ones together as quickly as possible.

    Hero Packs   Send a Goody pack to a soldier.
    "Just wanted to take a second to tell you what happened in Iraq today. It was raining - and I was just coming in
    to my headquarters when when I passed by one of my newer soldiers - an immigrant from the former Soviet Union -
    and one of my BEST privates.      I was stopped in my tracks, for behold - on such a dreary day he was smiling.
    I was being funny (at first) and I said "awww you got a package with some goodies? Who sent that to you?" And I
    expected to hear him say "my mom (or something like that)" he turned his face to me and said "I don't know...."
    he had a smile on his face.....and as I saw his eyes glazing he said " ...that's why I was smiling" and at that my eyes
    began to glaze too.   I can never take for granted their service, not for one minute - not for one second. And now...
    even in a hell hole like this - God has sent yet another Angel."

    Back Packs
    Soldiers' Angels has Shipped 5,000 Backpacks to Soldiers who have been wounded in the War on Terror
    In an effort to provide comfort to these wounded heros, the First Response Backpack was developed by a
    nonprofit organization named Soldiers' Angels. The First Response Backpack is a backpack stuffed with personal
    items which are necessary and vital to the physical comfort of the soldiers. A typical First Response Backpack
    contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, soap and other hygiene products. It also contains articles
    of clothing and undergarments to provide the soldier some relief from the airy hospital gowns. A phone card is
    included so that the soldiers can call their family members while they recover. Each pack also contains a blanket.
    The blanket, dubbed a "Blanket of Hope" is handmade by Soldiers' Angels volunteers and is accompanied by
    a note of well wishes for each soldier. The eMagazine For Women
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The Soldiers' Angels was started by a self-described  
"ordinary mother"
of an ordinary young man turned hero, Sgt. Brandon
Varn. Brandon was deployed in Iraq and has since honorably completed his
mission and has returned back to his proud and loving family.

n the summer of 2003, he wrote home expressing his
concern that some soldiers did not receive any mail or
support from home. Being a caring and loving mother,
she decided not to allow a situation like that to continue.
She contacted a few friends and extended family to ask if they would write to a
soldier or two.

Within a few short months, The Soldiers'Angels went from a mother
writing a few extra letters to an Internet Community with thousands of angels
worldwide and growing stronger with the addition of new members daily. With
more and more merchants donating services, money and items for packages,
the Angels reorganized as a 501 c 3 non-profit so all donations would be tax

Soldiers' Angels currently supports thousands of American Service
stationed wherever we raise our Country's Flag and the number is
growing daily. They also work tirelessly supporting our Wounded Soldiers,
with backpacks filled with needed items, personal visits, phone calls, etc.
Additionally, they send our thanks via letters and email to the military of Great
Britain, Poland and Australia who serve by our soldiers side in Iraq.

Soldiers' Angels are dedicated to ensuring that our military know they are
loved and supported during and after their deployment into harms way.

A community of Angels have developed projects to provide aid and comfort to
our military and their families.
Join the many Soldiers' Angels to ensure
that no soldier goes unloved.
If you would like to assist in adopting a
Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine, please Click here .
Please look at the links of activities below!

May God Bless Our Troops
"If anybody is wondering:
Where are the young
Where are the people
willing to devote
themselves to causes
larger than themselves?
They are in uniform
in Iraq, straddling
the divide between
insanity and order."
- David Brooks
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