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There was a "preacher" who used to walk the streets of Lima Ohio every day and he had done so for
over 50 years, for years he walked miles into town to do this despite the weather. Always standing on
the corners telling of God's love.   In the middle of winter he would be downtown smiling and waving at
the people going by.

One day while skipping school outside a little deli, I watched a business man order a sub. He took it
over and gave it to the preacher. The preacher despite being poor and elderly and most likely hungry
himself,  thanked the man but as he walked away, the preacher handed it to an homeless man, telling
him "God bless you". Its been ten years and the old preacher pasted away a few years ago.  But I
remember that day. And the lesson I learned.

How hard would it be for us to be wonderful too?

Examples of how an ordinary person like you or I can practice kindness are endless,

your achievements as well as your plans

Being thankful is great. But sometimes we need to also verbally express it.

Peace starts at home, within each of us. Even international events are affected by the
willingness of individuals to be (or not to be) kind and considerate. Gandhi and Hitler are two notable
examples. No doubt others come to mind.

When someone seems to have acted unkindly, or hurt your feelings, or offended you in some way,
consider the fact that there just might be more to it than is apparent. Maybe they are acting
in response to circumstances you are completely unaware of. Any of a number of other things may be
affecting them, such as shyness, stress overload, health, money, illness or loss of some kind. Or there
might have been some mis-communication so that expectations were not in sync.

Instead of lashing out, or reacting instinctively in a negative way, resolve to just try being the
good guy here. Create an opportunity to be kind. Extend yourself, and evoke your higher nature. See
yourself as resourceful, serene, refined, confident, and just BE NICE. It feels good! And it is

Maybe The best way we can incorporate this idea in to our lives
so it becomes an unconscious part of us, is to practice.  

Just like everything else,
practice makes perfect.
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Kindness is always good idea
no matter how you slice it.
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