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Ideas for "Random Words of Thanks" for your spouse ! ~ The eMagazine For Women
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•  Thank them for getting up each morning to go to work.
There are many spouses who decide to be lazy and not provide financially for their family so they
don't roll out of bed to go to work. If you have a spouse who does go to work-look for different
times and different ways to express your thanks. This may surprise them, but tell them you
appreciate their commitment in doing this. It's nice to know someone notices things like this

•  Thank them for planning the meals, and shopping for the food, and all the work
they put in for preparing what you eat each day.
Even if you helped in doing part of this,
the initiative they showed in making sure everything was done should be appreciated. Some
might say, "Well, this is all part of being married. This is what is expected of my spouse"! The
question is, "Why"? Where is it written in the marriage contract that they HAVE to do this because
they married you? This is an expectation— be it societal, cultural, or personal— it's still an
expectation. So why not express thanks from time-to-time that your spouse actually does it? Some
spouses don't and won't do it.

•  Thank them for being dependable and honorable. There are so many temptations
presented in our world to act different than this. There are spouses who give in to the temptation to
drink heavily, and/or take illegal drugs, and/or spend time in dishonorable places and situations.
When we have a spouse who is dependable and obviously honors the marriage commitment it
would be nice to let them know you appreciate who they are and how they make the choices to
honor your marital partnership. Realize that you're blessed to have a spouse who is a "Promise
Keeper." Now let them KNOW you realize it by thanking them.

•  Thank them for the little things they do that may have gone unnoticed in the past
like: changing a light bulb when it's burned out, or filling the automobile with gasoline when it
needs it, or reading to the children (especially when it gives you a little bit of a break to have quiet
time yourself), or cleaning, or sweeping, or painting a room, or gardening, or repairing something,
or purchasing gifts for the family, etc. — all without being asked to do so.

Those are just a few things for which you can thank them.
But go ahead… think of others. And then express your thanks.
The challenge is to express it.

Make this a time of "Thanks-GIVING," not "Thanks-BEING."

Being thankful is great. But sometimes we need to also verbally express it.

Peace starts at home, within each of us. Even international events are affected by the willingness
of individuals to be (or not to be) kind and considerate. Gandhi and Hitler are two notable
examples. No doubt others come to mind.

When someone seems to have acted unkindly, or hurt your feelings, or offended you in some way,
consider the fact that there just might be more to it than is apparent. Maybe they are acting in
response to circumstances you are completely unaware of. Any of a number of other things may
be affecting them, such as fear, stress overload, health, money, illness or loss of some kind. Or
there might have been some mis-communication so that expectations were not in sync.

Instead of lashing out, or reacting instinctively in a negative way, resolve to
just try being the
good guy here. Create an opportunity to be kind.
Extend yourself, and evoke your higher
nature. See yourself as resourceful, serene, refined, confident, and
just BE NICE. It feels
good! And it is contagious.

Maybe The best way we can incorporate this idea in to our
lives so it becomes an unconscious part of us, is to practice.  

Just like everything else,
practice makes perfect.